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Committed to Enhancing the Student Experience, One Educator At A Time.


Students labeled as economically disadvantaged statistically significantly underperformed [in comparison to] their peers on both the Commended Performance indicator and the college readiness indicator for both English language arts and mathematics.

Source: Journal of Education Research . 2014, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p137-149. 13p.

Author(s): Lee, Kristi M.; Slate, John R.


Studies show that children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing, and more successful memory retention than kids who spend the day sitting still. Keeping the body active promotes mental clarity by increasing blood-flow to the brain. 



Our organization aims to contribute to closing the academic achievement gap by improving the student experience. By integrating movement, along with our other domains into our instruction, we aim to see an increase in focus, fewer discipline referrals, increased attendance rates, and an overall more enjoyable experience at school for kids. By keeping students in class, using strategies to help them focus, and making learning FUN, we aim to impact our kids in a way that transforms "school" for them, and sets them towards life-long success. 

Take a look at the data collected by our organization so far.

Research and Data: About Us
Analysing the Numbers

of students/participants found their experience in class was more engaging as a result of the MOVEIT! activities being infused into their lessons.

Analyzing the data

of students/participants found they felt more focused as a result of the MOVEIT! activities being infused into their lessons.


2020 Attendance data is being compiled, and will be posted as soon as it is available.

Research and Data: Testimonials
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